Japanese Drinks

Alcoholic drinks in Japan have a long and rich history. Since ancient times drinking in Japan has always accompanied the food. People will meet at restaurants and izakaya for drinking parties. The events are seen as a way of strengthening bonds among friends and collogue. Ranging from Beer to Okinawan rice wine and hot sake, […]

Chinese Drinks

In China, alcohol plays a very big and important role in interactions between people. With the Chinese population being one of the world’s largest, the beverages from the country keep getting better. Drinking in the country is enjoyed so much that only Russia and Tajikistan have a higher alcohol intake per capita. Here are some […]

Indian Drinks

India’s alcohol history goes back to the Harappan civilization in 3,000 B.C. Indian alcohol pints a good picture of Indian culture and traditions as its food and rituals do. Indian drinks are some of the most potent alcoholic drinks able to put any other fancy alcohol to shame. Even though most of this will be […]