Chinese drinking culture

Drinking is an integral part of the Chinese culture that continues to flourish. The Chinese drinking culture is more controlled, ritualized and purposeful. Successful business deals are usually accomplished with cups of alcohol, whereas regular dinners and social gatherings are not complete without rounds of drinks.

But how do you keep it going without a few Chinese drinking games to liven up the atmosphere? Drinking games are exceptionally popular during any social activity that involves alcohol. Some of these games include;-

Chui Nui (Dice)

Each player holds a cup that contains five dices. Every player shakes their cup and secretly notes what combinations of matching dice are contained within. Each contestant then bids on what dice they think is in each participant’s cup and states what is in their own.

The answer might not be the natural whites within the cup. If you’re caught in a lie, you will have to drink. The player who incorrectly calls you out for lying has to drink alcohol too.

Card Counting

Card Counting is all about dares. The player places shuffled cards simultaneously while counting from one to thirteen face-up on the table. If the player’s number is the same as the one on the card, every other player must hit the deck.

If you hit the deck last, you will have to drink, and if the other players choose, you will accept a dare from them. One of the best activities that go along with the Chinese drinking culture is card counting.

Gong Show

This game makes a player feel distinguished. One player beats a gong as the others pass a flower around in a circle. When the gong player stops the beat, the person holding the flower has to drink. The game has since been updated. The new version of the game replaces striking the gong with playing a song, but the spirit of the game remains.

Finger Guessing

The concept of this game is simple as two people play it at a time. Each player extends several fingers on one or both hands, and then they reveal their hands simultaneously. Before the reveal, one player should shout out a number between two and twenty. If the total number of fingers held up is equal to the sum guessed, that player is safe. If not, he or she has to drink.


Capital Spirits Baijiu Bar & Distiller

This is the world’s first bar whose focus is on baijiu, a Chinese alcoholic beverage made from grain. Capital spirits is an award-winning restaurant chock-full of Chinese decor, which won several Time Out Beijing awards in 2014.

Ala House

This is a tiny whiskey bar located in Central Park. Ala house provides a wide assortment of whiskey, and you’ll be able to find staples such as Jack Daniels, as well as brands you have never heard of.

This whiskey bar won Time Out Beijing’s ‘Bar & Club Award’ in 2013 and 2014. The Ala house is a good representation of the Chinese drinking culture.

Janes And Hooch

Janes and Hooch is an American-style restaurant that offers plenteous magnificent cocktails and drinks. This bar releases a new cocktail menu every week, so you can always try something new anytime you visit.

Slow Boat Brewery

If you want to enjoy a nice craft beer, this is the place to visit. This brewery is famous for its home-brewed beers. Slow Boat Brewery opened in 2011 and brewed vast beers which have no preservatives or chemicals. With time they have brewed over 17 different types of beers that are so popular and found in different hotels in the city.

China will live you wanting to experience more of its drinking culture once you visit the country. You will find loads of activities to take part in and the drinks themselves are one of a kind.

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