Thai Drinking Culture

Drinking beer and other types of alcohol is deeply rooted in Thai’s daily lives. There are particular types of alcohol that are associated with some traditional Thai festivals.

Whether it is just for fun, cultural festivals or just out for a meal with friends, the Thai drinking culture has a long history among the locals. You can see the relatively high consumption rate of alcohol by looking at how many establishments serve alcohol. They range from the likes of shopping districts to movie theatres.

Different activities help break the ice when conversations run dry. You will find some of this activities taking place whenever people drink together in Thailand.

Drinking Games

Pok Deng

This is a popular card game in Thailand. Although pok deng is not necessarily a drinking game, alcohol is usually involved. Some people play the game for money while others play for drinks.

Note that gambling is illegal in Thailand so, you should only play for fun and not money. In the game, rounds are short, and people play against the dealer.

Shut The Door

In the game, players roll two dice and then flip over wooden tiles. All of the tiles are numbered, and the idea of the game is to be the first to turn them over. You can turn the two numbers shown by the dice or add the numbers together and flip one tile.

If you keep landing on the same digits when you roll the dice, the game continues until one person wins. Games can be over pretty fast or drag on for a long time. The loser will buy the winner a drink or down their drink. This is one of the most popular games that accompany the Thai drinking culture.

Hammer And Nails

This is probably the most basic game you will ever find. You can test your skill with Hammer and Nails. The idea is very simple: you need to be the first person to drive a nail into a dead tree stump.

Although the game is played in other parts of the world, it’s most common in Thai bars. Two people use a hammer to whacking a nail, pitting their strength, aim, and prowess against one another. The first person who buries the nail wins the game.

Drinking Joints

The Street Of Pattaya

The walking street is at the heart of all the action in Pattaya and is the craziest street in Thailand. You can spend every night on the walking street, and you will still be asking for more.

The street has all the best clubs in Pattaya, attracting you to every one of them. The clubs have very attractive bar girls enticing you to enter the club.

You can take a break from the pubs and bars. Head to one of the many ping pong shows, strip clubs, massage parlours, and Muay Thai matches to keep you entertained. Every night here will be a different and unforgettable experience.

Hard Rock Café

You can party all night in a pool of foam at the hard rock café. One of the most popular spots when it comes to the Thai drinking culture.

The pool is massive, the sound system is amazing, lighting to die for, cabana dancers and tons of games.

Nightclub On Wheels The Phuket Party Bus

Experience the Thai Drinking culture by riding the Phuket party bus. The bus is an amazing way to experience a bachelor party.

It’s a bus studded with leather sofas, a state of the art stereo system, disco lightings, a minibar and stripper poles. The bus is defiantly an awesome party on the move.

Thailand nightlife is world-renowned. Tourist from all over the world come to the city of Bangkok to party with the locals. Thai drinking culture has a long and beautiful history. Even though the country is best known for its food, the local alcohol will also leave you with an unforgettable experience.    

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