Thai Drinks

Thailand is a well-known tourist destination; foreigners visit the country in large numbers. Most people know plenty about the food from this country and have used the cuisines to influence many other cultures.

On the other hand, Thai drinks are not as famous, and very few people know of any drink that comes from Thailand. Even so, there are many different drinks consumed in Thailand. They range from liquor to wine to beer.


There are three main types of beer in Thailand. The beers are Singha, Chang and Leo. They are all lagers, pale in colour and have a mild flavour. The best way to enjoy these Thai drinks is when they are chilled.


Considered by most Thais to be the best lager and is the best selling beer in the country. Two German breweries bought the Boon Rawd Brewery in 1994. They later received a royal warrant from the royal family.

This warrant permits them to display the royal Garuda emblem on their beer bottles. To this date, they remain the only Thai drink to be given such permission.

The beer has kept its formula at 5 percent ABV since 2007. Pathumthani Brewery Co. Ltd. brews it under the direction of Singha Corporation Co. Ltd.


Chang has a slightly higher ABV at 6 percent, making it a favourite among backpackers. The beer is also famous for the hangover (changover, as locals call it) you will get after its consumption.

There are two types of Chang; Chang Export made from 100 percent malt but has a lower ABV, and the other made for the local market brewed with rice. It’s brewed by Thailand’s biggest beverage company, Thai Bev.


Coming in third in beer popularity is Leo. This Thai drink is made by the same company that brews Singha. It is seen as the less premium option compared to Singha. It’s normally cheaper than both Chang and Singha.

 When you compare these three beers, in my opinion, Leo has the least flavour.

Thai Liquors

Commercial Liquors

Thailand has a rule that hard liquors are only to be drunk by men. Yes, I know you are wondering about it; you will find this rule broken a lot. If you asked anyone which type of liquor they like, whiskey is the answer you will get.

Surprisingly the vast majority of liquor in Thailand is rum, having been made from distilled sugar cane. The reason why the locals refer to it as whiskey is a mystery on its own.  

The most readily available Thai drink is Hong Thong (meaning “golden swan”). It is consumed in almost all local establishments by the locals. Other brands regularly found in bars include Mekhong, 100 Pipers, Sang Som, and Blend 285.

Lao Khao.

This is a local Thai drink that is not only made as the local hooch but also sold in stores, bottled. The locals often refer to it as “40 Degree”, perhaps because of the warming sensation it brings or the alcohol percentage.

Lao khao means rice wine, and just as the name says, it is wine made from fermenting and distilling rice. The wine is very strong and does indeed have a burning sensation when consumed.

It is mostly drunk by older men with years of experience of getting drunk. The drink forms a base for superstition mixtures. Things like scorpions, snakes, lizards, or herbs are mixed into the liquid for flavour or superstitious beliefs. Lao khao makes up about two-thirds of the alcohol consumed in Thailand.

From local beers to whisky cocktails, Thai drinks are plentiful and unique. The next time you visit, Thailand have some of their alcohol to go along with the amazing food.

The culture of drinking in Thailand is just as fun as it is in western countries. You will find people at parties and bars binge drinking till morning.  

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