Indian Drinking Culture

Despite the strong religious and cultural believes, alcohol consumption is high in India. In a country of 1.1 billion people, a third of the population drinks regularly. Spirits and whiskey are the drinks of choice in India.

Below are some of the places Indians go to get a drink.


Goa isn’t a city, but a state, with many beaches and cheap drink. Gao is one of the best places in the country where you will have a good time. Beach parties, jazz concerts, rave parties and discos, to mention but a few. Casinos are also famous in Gao; Baga beach is the place to be in Gao for any party.


Mumbai is also known as the top city or the city of dreams. Mumbai is also famous for its nightlife. Some of the best-known DJs and international celebrities can be found here doing rounds at parties and entertaining crowds. The Taj Mahal hotel is very popular as a party location in Mumbai.


The capital city is the place to go for anyone who enjoys variety in their nightlife. In Delhi, you can find a great number of bars and discos in Connaught place. Delhi has everything from cosy pubs and bars that can fit any budget and mood.

Bengaluru (Bangalore)

This city is also known as the pub capital of India-central. It’s the IT hub of the country hence it has a huge workforce of young minds. The city has many brewpubs and places to have fun.


This city is populated mostly by students. It has clubs, discos, pubs and lounges in abundance. Here parties go on all year round, and concerts are held every night. Because of the large number of students, the nightlife is very vibrant.


This is the second IT hub in India after Bangalore. This city has numerous discos, lounges and clubs. While partying here, you will interact with professionals in the IT industry.


This city is known for its vibrant, vivacious nightlife. Punjabi music dominates the parties here. Some famous places to visit for fun include Arizona, Vintage Terrace Lounge and bar, Chandigarh.


Jaipur is a place to experience the amazing nightlife. It is well known for its magnificent palaces and forts. Nightclubs and bars are cropping up in large numbers, with dance shows and concerts being held regularly. Jaipur Lit Festival, which is a huge city-wide party, is held here as well.



Kolkata is known for its great blend of modern trends and traditional culture. You can see this in its nightlife as well. The most famous nightclub is Tantra, located on Park Street.



This city is also known as the wine country. Famous for the Sula Festival, Nashik is slowly becoming a cultural hub. It is also known for hosting the electronic music festival “Sunburn Reload” on several occasions. This city is a fantastic party place. 

Last but not list watching and betting on a cricket match

The Indian drinking culture will not be complete without cricket. Fans will flock to bars and pubs around the country to watch games while grabbing a beer. Cricket has the power to unite the people of India as one, even if it’s just for a while.

In my stay with my host family, we regularly drank and bet on cricket matches. What a rush it was. In case you’re wondering, I placed my bet on one of India’s best cricket exchanges.

When major matches are on, people will be glued to the screen and fill the stadiums till the game ends. While watching the game is exciting, making some extra cash at the end of it brings a feeling of achievement.

Beer will not be far from the table as Indians enjoy a game of cricket. The social gatherings are always full of life, and the addition of alcohol always keeps the conversation going.

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